Es Tiempo – It’s Time

December 15, 2017
Burt Conrad
Sea Bright Records
Producer: Angel Fernández & Ricky González
Number of discs: 1

Burt Conrad’s most recent CD, Es Tiempo, It’s Time, is a collection of sexy, swinging Latin Pop songs that will resonate with listeners for a lifetime. The CD opens with the anthem-like merengue version of Burt’s original tune “Take My Hand” as if to say “buckle your seatbelts!!” Screaming syncopated trumpets and trombones envelope a four on the floor merengue beat that weaves it’s ways through infectious musical textures that culminate in a vocal round of Burt and his brilliant background vocalist Grace Fernández singing the lyrics “take my hand” and “let’s do it right” and for sure, you want to do both. Para Siempre Contigo follows, a lush Burt Conrad salsa original beautifully arranged by Angel Fernández with Burt singing in Spanish that is destined to be a classic. If you haven’t started dancing by now, salsa version of Burt Conrad original “This Side of Tomorrow” from his musical “Beware of the Rabbits” will definitely get you on the floor salsaing. Not to be outdone by Burt’s “in the pocket” cha-cha version of the classic Todd Rundgren “I Saw The Light”. Once again, commanding trumpets and trombones excel while nestled in between the sweet blanket of Burt’s vocals, this time with background singer Wendy Rossi. Burt’s salsa version of the Latin standard “Como Nunca Nadie” is another screamer that will just elongate the party! Only to slow things down a bit with Burt’s namesake track of the CD “Es Tiempo, It’s Time”, a sweet effervescent bachata. Staying in a similar mood, Burt’s remake of the Latin standard “Es Mi Niña Bonita” with orchestration by Ricky González is also destined to be a modern day classic of the standard. Sweet flugel horns and strings temper an infectious rhythm that effortlessly weaves from danzon to bolero to cha-cha. “Corner of the Sky” from the Broadway musical Pippin perfectly sums up the CD with a smooth salsa rhythm surrounded by soaring strings and background vocals with Burt whaling “got to find my corner of the sky”.
Produced and arranged by Angel Fernández, Ricky González, Executive producer, Burt Conrad
Burt Conrad, male vocals, Ricky González, piano, organ and synth bass, Angel Fernández, acoustic guitars, trumpets, Ruben Rodríguez, Fender and baby bass, George Delgá, percussion, Nelson Jaime (Gazu), trumpets, Ozzie Meléndez, trombones, Eddie Venegas, violins and violas, Yeffrey Anziani, congas and tambura, Hector Barríentos, güira, Joel Rodriguez, bongos, Mario Guini, electric guitar, Doug DeHays, alto and tenor saxophones, Wendy Ross, female background vocals, Gracie Fernández, female background vocals.
Engineered by Nelson Jaime (Gazu), Angel Fernández & Ricky González, Mixed by Nelson Jaime (Gazu), Ricky González, Angel Fernández and Burt Conrad, Recorded and mixed at Missing Lynx Studios, Hollis, NY and at GazunelStudioRec, Mastered by Nelson Jaime (Gazu) at GazunelStudioRec