Para Siempre Contigo - Forever With You

Pre-Release EP from forthcoming CD Para Siempre Contigo - Forever With You. Swinging Merengue version of Burt Conrad's composition "Take My Hand" along with Burt Conrad original "Para Siempre Contigo". Beautiful cha-cha version of the Latin classic "Es Mi Nina Bonita" topped off with salsa version of another Latin classic "Como Nunca Nadie". Produced by Angel Fernández, Ricky González and Burt Conrad.


Reaching Out To You

Burt Conrad’s deeply spiritual album is infused with his love of multiple genres to conceive a catchy, fresh and contemporary sound. Far from the ordinary, Conrad creates original compositions that take classic Christian themes and arranges them into timeless songs across a rich and varied musical landscape.

Conrad’s mastery of multiple styles, genres and instruments are hallmarks of his style. Songs like “If You Don’t Know Me” take a 50s rock sensibility combined with 60s folk sound and backs it up with a full gospel choir. Other songs, like “My Rock and Redeemer” or “Follow In Jesus’s Way” take modern rock influences reminiscent of Billy Joel to create worshipful melodies with an upbeat sound. Unexpected edgy vocal stylings and catchy guitar licks pay homage to David Bowie, while at the same time making a sound all its own in “Reaching Out To You”, the track for which the album was named.

Conrad’s album doesn’t stop with uniquely American sounds of soul, rock and pop – Conrad also composes reggae and salsa arrangements in tracks such as “Let The Rain In” and “Take My Hand”. Yet, at the same time, Conrad also pays homage to classic gospel sounds of the past, such as in the simple piano and organ accompaniment of “Give Me One Reason”. By creating such a textured and diverse playlist, Conrad takes his deeply held spiritual convictions and turns them into an unexpectedly catchy and moving musical experience. The album celebrates salvation and the heartfelt gratitude of living joyously by the grace of God.


It's A Sure Thing

In “It’s A Sure Thing” Burt Conrad collaborates with a world class Latin ensemble on four of his original compositions. With horns arranged by Marc Anthony’s musical director Angel Fernández and one of Latin music’s  greatest keyboardists, Ricky González, as well as some of the best Latin musicians in the industry, this collection represents a top of the line team-up of an infectious sound.

Sunny salsa rhythms, celebratory dance beats, elements of smoky torch songs and Latin jazz, as well as elements of Samba, Mambo and Merengue pervade throughout this soulful musical journey. Beautiful slower interlude, fiesta-like crescendos and a heightened sense of joy makes this collection a danceable hit.


Home At Last

Conrad’s wellspring of inspiration is the most comforting and yet elusive point on his journey - home. The realization that time is fleeting, the plainness and grandeur of love, the sureness of one person’s dedication to another, It’s been a long trip back to the front porch of his memories, but everyone who listens will feel richly rewarded for their patience. After a Soulful Journey and Forward Looking Backwards, there was only one place to go – Home At Last. To the inspiration that drove him to achieve musically throughout his childhood, to the honesty, the freedom, the ambitions to create something uniquely his own.

This album consists of thirteen completely original compositions sung through with vocal tracks that came to Conrad with such great directness and purpose that they seemed to arrive like gifts of divine intervention. From conception to production, the thirteen tracks took seven weeks. Without eyes on commercial success, Conrad was able to focus on finding his own soul and giving it a place to speak, Home At Last is it. Burt Conrad says “It can’t be categorized to any one genre, it’s just from the heart”.


Burt Conrad All Stars - Forward Looking Backwards

Six must-hear Burt Conrad original compositions combined with six sizzling renditions of classic jazz standards give rise to one unforgettable album, Forward Looking Backwards. This disc features jazz classics like Stanley Turrentine’s “Sugar” and blues standards like “Born Under A Bad Sign”. Older songs and new compositions mix and mingle like bubbles in a champagne flute, flowing effortlessly into Burt’s original compositions like the Conrad penned bossa nova “Take My Hand" featuring Brazilian songbird Raquel Lima. For many, it’s the opening track, “5 To 4”, a blazing smooth jazz original with Burt Conrad blowing a Miles Davis trumpet on his guitar synthesizer.


Burt Conrad All Stars - A Soulful Journey

A Soulful Journey unfolds like the sensory experiences of a music lover wandering from one music venue to another, each with a live band performing their hearts out to a different genre. Because nothing comes as naturally to the Burt Conrad All Stars as funky rhythm and blues, swinging jazz and sexy Latin-inspired sounds which makes the expressive Burt Conrad all Stars’ debut album sound as natural as can be. They scat and scan their way around these genres to bring alive sounds that infrequently come together in one record. But there they are, sambas next to the blues, jazz beside funk, all jiving together like a sophisticated, sizzling wall of sound.

One of its masterpieces is the heartfelt reinterpretation of the classic B.B. King’s “Gambler’s Blues” with E.J. “The Professor” Sharpe’s soulful, potent vocals. This one track takes the listener back to the smoky jazz clubs of Harlem. Nestled in Conrad’s precise and polished guitar licks, this song brings that same soulful vibe screamin’ into the present. The All Stars then turned their attention to another favorite, Chester Burnett’s “Killing Floor”, giving it the same unabashed attention to detail, jazzy dust-off and respectful resuscitation. But not to be outdone on this own record, Burt Conrad wrote his own spirited and nuanced songs that are at once modern, while soulful tributes to the jazz greats of yesteryear.